Track Info


Located: Speedway Road Bungador, Victoria, Australia

Track Distance: 1 Metre out from the Pole Line is 409 Metre's in length (1/4 mile).

Straights Width: 15 Metre's.

Turns Width: 15 Metre's.

Turns are cambered.
Surface composition, Natural Clay.

Track Lighting:
53000 Watts (suitable for TV coverage).

Safety Details:
Safety Fence, Concrete. Approx thickness 125mm. Approx height 1.2 Metre's.
Catch Fence, Steel Mesh. 4 X 5/8" Cable. Approx height 3.5 Metre's (above safety fence).
Gate, Steel X 2. Approx height 1.2 Metre's (safety fence continues above top of gate).
Spectator Fence, 50mm Chain Mesh. Approx distance 3 Metre's (behind Catch Fence). Approx height 2.43 Metre's.

Pit Area:
Approximate size 1.2 Acres. Acommodates up to 100 competing vehicles. Canteen and Toilet facilities provided in Pits (Clubrooms). Water provision (5 locations).
No Dogs / Animals allowed. Tow vehicles, Transporters, Emergency vehicles, Trade Vendors and Officials vehicles only permitted.

General Public Area:
Approx Acommodation up to 3000 spectators. No Alcohol permitted for consumption during race meetings. Patrolled by Security Gaurds. Canteen and Toilet facilities provided in General Public Area. Guest / Corporate box facilities provided. No Dogs / Animals allowed.

Camping Facilities:
Camping is permitted at complex. Facilities are limited. No open fires permitted during race season.


"2017/2018 is the 44th Racing Season at Simpson Speedway."